Camera Review: Canon AE-1

About 4 years ago I walked into a local pawn shop on 34th ave. in St. Pete, Florida searching for vintage cameras. Behind the counter tucked away on a shelf next to some video camera there was a nice looking Canon AE-1 with a F1.8 50mm FD lens. As eager as I get about vintage cameras, I quickly purchased it for a mere $30.00 and so began my film adventures with this cult classic.

The Canon AE-1 was first released back in 1976 and was out of production by 1984. It quickly gained popularity through out the photography world, selling over a million units. Most will tell you that have ever used an AE-1 that the camera is built like a tank! The Manual focus on the FD 50MM lens is nice and smooth and the photo results are often soft, and dreamy like with amazing bokeh especially when using the F1.4 or F1.2 FD 50mm lens.

A large portion of my film photography has been with the AE-1 and has traveled with me to San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Miami, and of course, sunny side Tampa, Florida. It’s safe to say that the AE-1 is an essential camera for film photography and I highly recommend picking one up. You can find them just about anywhere. Ebay, Pawn Shops, and even thrift stores. Price range for the AE-1 varies from $20-$100. The photos below are some of my favorites shot with an AE-1. Film used for these particular shots vary from Kodak Elite Chrome, Kodak Ektachrome and Fujichrome T64.


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